Grill-bit closing in on a space

The local organisation Umeå Teknikresurs has had luck in finding a very good apartment [.se] to rent. The chances are good that it's available on April 1st 2010.

Umeå Teknikresurs is open to having a hackerspace in the same apartment, considering the similar interests in technical equipment and possible experience exchanges that are made available. Through this, much of Grill-bit's activities may have a direct, positive effect on the local culture in Umeå. Technicians and hackers are always well sought for backstage.

Financing Grill-bit may become an interesting task. Further on, we will be open for donations to pay for the basics such as electricity, materials and tools required in workshops etc. In either case, we're all interested in making planet Earth's northernmost hackerspace a simply awesome place.