Is the space open right now?

Umeå Hackerspace is closed.

Normal opening hours are:

Remember to check the open status indicator here on the website before dropping by, since it's not guaranteed that anyone has arrived yet. Or just ask on IRC/XMPP.

We are also listed on spaceapi, which has phone apps available. Just search for "spaceapi" wherever you get your apps, install any one you like, then search for "Umeå Hackerspace".

Articles by tomas

  1. Sunday Roundup 3

    By tomas

    New Sunday, new roundup.

    The biggest news this week is that Academic Computer Club (ACC) donated some of their old servers for the recluster project. This is around 20 machines and a few disk servers in total. Pictures:

    [caption id="attachment_718" align="alignnone" width="300"]1U rack servers and random motherboards 1U rack servers donated by …

  2. Sunday Roundup 2

    By tomas

    New week, new roundup.

    Most of the activity this week revolved around recluster, mikael's low-cost cluster experiment. It seems powering it from a 12 V lead-acid battery works fine, as does the jury-rigged water cooling. Still plenty more to do on that front though.

    Some more tools have been put …

  3. Sunday Roundup

    By tomas

    This is the first post in a series of posts I plan on writing on Sundays documenting various goings-on in our space.

    This week we were open to the public on Tuesday, Wednesday,  Thursday and Sunday, and I'd say average turnout was around six per day. We got a new …

  4. Quick update regarding the site banner

    By tomas

    It is now possible to see whether the space is open based on the banner image on top of the site. Green LEDs = open!

    The image is changed whenever the switch connected to the open sign is flipped, which may not be immediately obvious. We hope to make this more …

  5. Öppetskylt

    By tomas

    För några veckor sedan blev den åh-så-välkända och synliga öppetskylten för Umeå Hackerspace klar, med andra ord är det hög tid för en bloggpost om den. Skylten visar för folk utanför om någon är inne, och styrs från en liten manöverlåda inomhus. Lite bilder:


    Manöverlådan lever inomhus.


    Närbild. De tre …

  6. Städdag med fika

    By tomas

    Nu är det dags igen - spacet måste rensas på skrot och både den nya lokalen och mekrummet behöver uppmärksamhet. Kom förbi söndag 29:e December mellan 10-18, gör en insats och drick kaffe (kaffe!). Arbete ger kakor



    • skruva ihop och skruva upp ny verktygstavla (plywood och reglar finns …

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